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Smelting of precious metal

Smelting of precious metal is the leading industry of our company. Since 1988 when our factory was set up, Humon has committed to the comprehensive recycle of multiple metals. Presently our company has many core leading technologies in this aspect, and the most outstanding ones are listed as follows.  

1. Nonpatented technology for treatment of arsenic-bearing gold concentrates via two-stage baking system

In 2002, our company introduced from Sweden the nonpatented technology for two-stage baking and smelting. Compared with the conventional simple wet metallurgy technology, this technology greatly expands the source of materials. It not only effectively treats complex arsenic-bearing gold concentrates to raise the comprehensive recovery of valuable elements, but is clean and environmental-friendly. Through practice and operation over the years, we have come up to the world’s advanced level in all the areas of arsenic removal via negative oxygen, desulfuration-based acid production, and comprehensive cycle. 

2.oxygen bottom-blowing smelting matting gold extraction technology

Companies to improve the ability to handle complex gold concentrates as a major research topic. In 2008 the company's initial public offering to raise funds to invest in a "complex gold concentrates comprehensive recovery technological transformation projects," the project from the Swedish company Boliden companies to introduce advanced technology digestion and absorption of the unique roasting technology innovation then obtained with the National Indigenous Development enriched bottom-blowing smelting gold matting capture technology, the existing two sets of calcined acid leaching, cyanide system for technological transformation, to improve the ability to handle complex multi-element gold concentrate, reaching multi-element ( au, Ag, Cu, S, As) high recovery comprehensive recycling purposes utilization. The project uses the oxygen bottom-blowing smelting - matte gold extraction technology is mature and reliable, suitable for treating low-grade complex lead concentrates, gold ore, copper, precious metals smelting has wide applicability.


3.refractory metal more hybrid carbon material lead smelting comprehensive recovery of new technologies

Company and China ENFI Engineering Co., Ltd., Northeastern University for complex gold concentrates, mention comprehensive recovery of gold tailings status quo, were more refractory metal carbon material blended lead smelting comprehensive recovery of new technology research and development, this technology uses a low-carbon oxygen bottom blowing smelting technology, smelting - reduction - triple fuming furnace continuous production, the integrated treatment of complex gold concentrate, gold extraction tailings, leaching slag, lead paste, lead concentrate and other materials mixed lead, with the lead as the carrier recovery gold, silver, lead, zinc, copper, bismuth and other valuable metals, metal recovery, good economic returns. The technology development and industrial application of the results recorded by the Chinese Academy of Engineering of panels of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association organized identification, the project of gold, silver, lead smelting straight yields were 99.06%, 98.38%, 97.54%, total sulfur capture rate> 99.8%, crude lead overall energy consumption fell 181.73kgce / t, the new project ideas, advanced technology, adaptability of raw materials, comprehensive utilization rate of resources, low production cost, energy saving effect is remarkable, the project overall technology reached the international advanced level, and in December 2013 won the China nonferrous Metals industry Science and technology Award.